Who we are

Founded in 2017, EMpower exists to challenge the lack of ethnic diversity within business, particularly at executive levels. Working with member firms across a broad range of industries, EMpower helps identify and address challenges around the recruitment, retention and inclusion of ethnic minority talent. Through an annual series of programmes, events and bespoke advisory services, EMpower helps member firms build more inclusive cultures and develop diverse talent pipelines.

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Why we are here

There’s an absence of ethnic minority representation in boardrooms across the UK and globally – and this has an impact across all levels of an organisation. Recognising the benefits of diversity and creating a more inclusive culture keeps your business relevant, makes your workforce more productive and ultimately, makes business sense.

What we do

The EMpower events series offers networking opportunities, showcases role models and stimulates discussion and debate around key issues which affect ethnic minority communities.
EMpower offers programmes for ethnic minority employees at all levels, including the Emerging Leaders’ Programme, Mentoring, Board Readiness and Executive Sponsor.
EMpower members get access to diversity and inclusion best practice and key research relevant to ethnic minority inclusion.
The Lists
Each year EMpower publishes a series of role model lists, presented by the FT, celebrating ethnic minority leaders and future leaders in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada.

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